Smoky Hemp is producing hemp fibre and hurd

In full production, the state of the art equipment will process 3 tonnes per hour of hemp fibre and hurd

Smoky Hemp will produce high quality hemp fibre and hurd for hemp product manufacturers

Smoky Hemp will customize for buyer needs

Hemp is very suited to the Peace Region. It is frost tolerant in the spring, loves long day-length summers and is ready for cutting well before other crops need to be harvested. Once established hemp can handle moisture and can thrive in a wet season. It competes extremely well with weeds and doesn’t have many insect, pest or disease issues; therefore hemp requires very little crop protection. Hemp is NOT a host for clubroot.

Smoky Hemp Decortication Ltd. has a Contract Agronomist ready to ensure growers’ success. The net return potential for Hemp is excellent. Please get in touch with Normand Boulet or Darcy Boisvert for more information.