Smoky Hemp Decortication Ltd.

Growing our Future

Smoky Hemp Decortication Ltd. was created by a visionary group of local business people and farmers to participate in the global explosion in demand for natural products. Northern Alberta is known as one of the best places in Canada to grow hemp for fibre, and SHDL will produce some of the highest quality fibre in North America and catalyze development of a hemp value added cluster. We are dedicated to becoming a globally recognized leader in the hemp fibre industry!

Our Vision is:

“Smoky Hemp Decortication is a key part of a successful hemp fibre value-added hub.”

Our Mission Statement is:

“Smoky Hemp Decortication is dedicated to becoming a globally recognized leader in the hemp fibre industry.”

Smoky Hemp Decortication LTD is very excited about the quality of industrial hemp that our growers are producing in 2023!